This is fun for kids because the pasta looks like wagon wheels! This recipe is from Parent’s Magazine, I’ll be trying this one soon so stay tuned for my comments!

2 Cups cooked mini wagon-wheel pasta (Barilla)
1 Small apple cored and chopped (1 Cup)
1/2 of a cucumber seeded and chopped (3/4 Cup)
1/4 Cup of chopped pecans
1/4 Cup of regular or goden raisens
2 tbsp Olive Oil
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of Pepper
Juice of 1 Lemon
1 tbsp Parsley (Optional)

In a large bowl, combine pasta, apple cucumber, pecans, raisins, olive oil, salt and pepper. Squeeze on the lemon juice. Cover and let pasta salad chill before serving. Stir in parsley if desired and serve.

Nutritional Information:
Serves 6 Cups, 1 1/2 Cups for Nutritional information.
265 Calories
5 g Protein
12 g Fat
36 g Carbs
3 g Fiber
25 mg Calcium
2 mg Iron
150 mg Sodium