I’ve been working as much as I can on this site, my dream is that it becomes very popular and I’m able to communicate with others about my recipes, or even yours. To be able to meet new people, if it’s one thing I’ve learnt through this process it’s that I am capable of doing something I put my mind to, and hey bonus, I found a way to keep my own recipes organized and in one place! It’s been crazy, and I want to get this launched asap so I’ve been working on it as much as my daughter and hectic life has aloud me. With fall in full swing, we closed up our camp, celebrated my birthday, about to celebrate my husbands and my daughter turns one at the end of the month. Gosh where has the last year gone? I’m in such denial that my baby is turning one, she’s becoming a toddler more and more each day. She even took her first 4 steps this weekend I couldn’t believe the feeling it gave me. I’ve been on my laptop for almost 4 hours now, passing up the opportunity to go apple picking with my husband and daughter because I really want to get this completed, I have a busy few wks ahead of me, my hubby has been working alot lately so the alone time he is getting with Maddie today I’m sure is priceless for him. So I will sign off today to go and check my crockpot meal that I have going. It’s something I made up because I couldn’t quite find what I really wanted with the so I hope it turns out good, would love to share this one with you all! Happy Sunday!