Well this was completely just a make up meal…I’m putting it in the sandwich section and crock-it section because that’s how easy it was, I was looking for a sausage stir-fry recipe that I could put on a sub roll and couldn’t really find anything that didn’t consist of tomato sauces which I didn’t want so I came across this steak, pepper & onion recipe and decided to just tweak it a bit! It was really tasty and gave us plenty of left overs for the wk to either put over rice or have as a sandwich! Unfortunatly  my daughter was very cranky today from having a long weekend with no naps so I didn’t get to snap any pics but definetly next time!

1 Pkg. of Buffalo Chicken Sausage (4 links)
1 Pkg. of Garlic and Herb Chicken Sausage (4 links)
1 Cup of chickn broth
1 tbsp of Garlic Powder
1/2 Cup of Soy Sauce
1 Pkgs. of frozen pepper & onion mix (You can use fresh I just happened to have a pkg of frozen, if your going fresh I’d say one green pepper one red pepper and one small onion sliced.)
1 tbsp of Corn Starch
8 low fat or whole wheat sub rolls (I bought the halved rolls to control the portion size) If you use the whole sub rolls it’ll just make less, probably 4.

Slice the sausage links and put into crock pot. Place the peppers and onions on top.
In a bowl combine the broth, garlic powder and soy sauce and pour over the meat and veggies.
Cook on low in your crockpot for 5-6 hours (I did high for 3 I know every crockpot is different). The last hour of cooking stir in 1-2 tbsp of corn starch to thicken the sauce a bit (Depends on how thick you like it).
Slice buns place spray with cooking spray. Place the face down on a dark non-stick baking pan and toast for 8-10 mintues.