Here is the site I promised you all!! Of course it’s always going to be a work in progress but it’s been challenging and fun!! Follow me while I adventure into cooking, taking care of my family and blogging about recipes, life, and mommyhood!!

It sure has been an adventure that’s for sure, now I know NOTHING about web design or even the internet! I have all I can do to use facebook or google LOL! So this is a huge moment for me! When my hubby hooked me up with this website a few weeks ago I almost quit on day one!! But after I navigated around a bit and read up on everything I got better and better. Now I can post a recipe or pic within a few seconds! Go Me!! My goal in the next few weeks is to get my name out their to people I do not know, I want my audience to be my family and friends of course but I also want to go bigger!! So spread my name out there guys! Check out the rest of the page and join me in this journey, or at least cook a few meals! Boy oh Boy is my hubby happy being the ginny pig for this journey!! I don’t have pics for every meal but as I try each one I’ll be posting them. To enlarge them just click on the pic! I want to thank my hubby and beautiful baby girl for supporting me through this venture, just this morning I wanted to quit and my husband said give it time, and sure enough it ended up being something wrong with the site, not me!!!! WOW! Soooooooo here is Momma’s Meals!! Enjoy and happy cooking everyone!!