Well honestly today I planned on going live, I worked all day on uploading just enough pictures to make it presentable and then all of sudden with a click of the button they were still there but wouldn’t show up on the website. Talk about alot of aggrevation, I was literally in tears, even my hubby sat with me for an hour trying to help me. Finally I thought to email support and come to find out their may be a problem on their end and come tomorrow could be fixed…….maybe. Oh boy…guess I won’t be going live today!

But on another front I tried two new things today! I baked Apple Chocolate Chip Brownies and Baked Chicken Parmesean! Very first time making that because I usually don’t make pasta meals as it’s my weakness and I try to stay away from it but this was baked and not fried, I used reduced fat cheese and whole grain pasta. It was good! Give it a shot! The brownies were good too, and of course made my house smell like warm apples!!

Maddie and I are trying to prepare for daddy’s birthday Wednesday and I’m getting things done each day for her birthday party in a few weeks. Today I finished her slide show. It’s 18 minutes long as it takes me through the first 12 months of her life to music. Yeah I cried! I just can’t believe how fast it went, how much I’ve changed, and just how much she’s learnt in one year!! Happy Monday all!!