Well I mine as well start talking about how this project is going from the very get go! It’s been interesting to say the least!! I’m not very computer savy, my hubby is however he’s got enough on his plate so I was destined to do this on my own. My goal here is post as many recipes as I can to share with family and friends. A one stop shop so to speak, get all your favorite “healthified” recipes in one place. Also to communicate with me about how the recipes end up, other opinions, suggestions. I want to make it fun but also have some adult interaction throughout my days!! My daughter Maddie is going to be turning one in less than 3 weeks (I’m in denial still…) my adventures in motherhood for the first time has been like a rollar coaster ride. The day I climbed back into bed after whiping the regurgitated formula off of my sheets was the day when I realized I had officially become a mother, or the day when I actually picked my daugthers nose, or how about when you get poop on your fingers and don’t even care anymore! Then there are the sweet little rewards, the first smile, the first time she reached up for me, or when she giggles the moment I walk into the room in the morning. She has become my life, my angel, my everything. So join me as Maddie and I learn together, as the meals in my family get better and better and as this site takes off!!