So here we are, our first week. I’ll be adding some Kiddo recipes and Main dishes today. I didn’t get to add or write yesterday since it was the hubby’s birthday and Miss Maddie and I were busy wrapping his gift, foodshopping for his birthday dinner this weekend with the fam and of course we attempted to bake an angel food cake however that didn’t work out!! 🙂 Hey I tried. And all was looking great until I flipped it upside down and it wouldn’t come out of the pan. So I decided since the recipe called for an ungreased pan (I was doubtful) and to immediately flip the cake (or so I thought) when I flipped the cake it didn’t instantly come out so I let it sit and cool since the pan was still so hot. About 10 min later when it still hadn’t fallen from the pan I said well what the ……so I used a butter knife and stuck it around the edges in a few places and it finally broke loose……….only to show the burnt side! I was so bummed because it was looking so good, all I had to do was add the apple glaze to it and it would have been great! So my lesson learnt on this one was it did need to be removed from the pan right away, my theory is that those 10 min that I was “cooling” the cake it was really “cooking” the cake! I will be trying this again because I’m pretty sure If I had done the ending correctly we would have gotten a decent cake because I tasted the parts that weren’t burnt and it was good! Chalk it up to another lesson learnt folks! So hubby ended up with a cookies and cream cake and Maddie and I had to go out in the rain to buy it LOL!!! Oh well he had a good birthday that’s all that matters! This coming weekend I’ll be cooking a ham (his favorite) my smashed bliss potatoes (see amazing sides it’s already posted), a green bean casserole and a herbed tenderloin (see Main dishes it’s already posted). I hope people are enjoying my recipes I thought I’d get more views but I’m still working on getting more traffic so keep helping me spread the word!!!