So I decided to add helpful hints here and there because as I’ve been investigating cooking sites and other blogging sites the hints are great! I mean really great, things that you just don’t know, so just incase some of you don’t know I’m going to start listing one everytime I blog! Just little tid bits that make you go “ohhhhhhh” 🙂 So todays helpful hint is

1. To peel thin skin from fruits and vegetables easily, place in a bowl and cover with boiling water, let stand for one minute then peel with sharp paring knife.

So today Madison and I went to the flower shop to order the centerpieces for her birthday party next weekend. I wanted something fallish, fall is such a beautiful time of the year. So we ordered 4 pumpkins with flowers in them, they are super cute and the perfect cenerpeice for fall! I also ordered two of these “Leave Pops” they are fake leaves and fall things in a basket with lolly pops I had to order a few since we’ll have kiddos there (and my husband loves candy!) Then we went and picked up our Kitty from the vet, he’s been their 2 nights, they actually have to put him out to be groomed!! He ended up with a skin infection so the poor guy spent the last 48 hours there, obviously he’s happy to be home!

I’m not posting any recipes today because todays work was doing a lot of research on how to get my site out there and viewed by others. WOW is all I have to say, it’s alot of work! I love reading other peoples sites I can only hope mine will be just as loved. I’m also headed over to my best friends house where my hubby is right now hanging her TV wall mount for her. So Shelbes and I are going to cook a nice dinner and then hang out for some much needed girl time.

Then tomorrow I’m cooking for 7 for my hubby’s birthday. I’m cooking a ham, pork tenderloin, greenbean casserole and my famous smashed bliss potatos I will surly report back on how that goes seeing as hubby is working tomorrow and I have a 1 year old and a house to clean! OMG I have a one year old!!!! When did that happen!! I’m so used to saying I have a ** mth old. That makes me sad actually!! Happy Friday and Happy cooking friends!!