Don’t you ever just sit back and say “Where did the year go?” Seriously….this has by far been the fastest year of my life, my daughter turns one in less than a week and I’m in serious denial about it! LOL…I just can’t believe it’s been a year and when I think back to how much she’s learnt in that year it just makes the tears dwell!! A year ago today was my due date, my husband and I were walking, apple picking, eating chinese food, Mexican food, anything to get the labor started. A very good friend of mine took me to lunch so I didn’t have to spend “My Due” date alone wondering when this baby was going to come!! I was already done work at that point and I thought it was sweet that she thought of me in that way. It worked, I stayed busy, but nope… labor. Wishful thinking!!

 I think of all the firsts, first time she smiled, first time she rolled over, the first time she sat up alone, the first time she went from laying down to sitting up, the first time she crawled, her first tooth, her first foods, god and we are days away from her walking, the first word was Kitty but she hasn’t said it since and she walked 4 whole steps by herself twice in the past week……I can’t believe we created this. This beautiful child that has the most gorgeous clear crystal blue eyes you will ever see, how she just depends on us. It’s been an amazing year.

My best friend Shelby and I get together every few friday nights to cook dinner, usually I go there to get a little girl time without the baby and it gives my hubby time with  my daughter, nights like last night they joined me and then my hubby took Miss Maddie home for bed and I stayed for some girl time. Whenever we cook I’ll be posting the meal as “Friendly Friday Meals” Last nights dinner went well I didn’t take pics of this one because we made a simple steak stir fry, she had never made one before, so I love teaching her new things. I usually make my own stir fry sauce but I had a bottle of steak tereyaki stir fry sauce in the fridge and when we get together we gab gab gab so I figured it would be easier to do it this way, this is a great meal if you’re in a rush but still want something healthy, easy and quick!

What we used:
2 lbs of Sirloin Tips (I bought mine at Hannaford’s, the ones that are great for grilling)
2 pkgs of Jasmine Rice in a bag
1 bottle of Steak Stir Fry sauce (I found this one in the asian isle, I’ve used the one for chicken as well they are super yummy)
1 Pkg of Microwavable Broccoli
1 Can of water chestnuts (Also in the asian isle) We didn’t use these because my friend doesn’t like them but I do, when I make it again I’ll add them with sliced onions.)
Salt and Pepper to taste

How we made it:
I sliced the Sirloin tips in small thin strips seasoned with salt and pepper and a little montreal steak seasoning. I fried the steak on in a frying pan.
Meanwhile I microwaved the broccoli (1 minute less than it calls for on the pkg) I also started boiling the water for the rice.
When the steak was just about done I added the broccoli and half the bottle of sauce and stirred. I then added the rice and the rest of the bottle of sauce, stirred for a few minutes and wala!! It served her, myself, my husband and one dish of leftovers!

There was my Friday night, good food, good company and of course good wine!!


OK onto the cooking front. My green bean casserole is made (stay tuned for the recipe) Pork Tenderloin is almost thawed, Ham is ready to go in, potatoes are on the back burner!! Hubby is still working and my mom is a few hours from arriving. Fall scented candles are lit (mmmmmm) my daughter is fed and happy and about to go in for another nap, I’m showered (not dressed) so all in all we are doing well for this family dinner tonight

Here is the cooking tip of the day!! I always wondered this one myself! I always juggle the yolk back and forth and a lot of time get some in the egg whites!!

2. To easily separate an egg yolk from whites, poke a small hole in the end of an egg and drain the white through the hole. After you have drained the egg white, just crack the egg open for the yolk.

So there you have it my friends, stay tuned to see how the birthday family dinner ended up and what we will be up to tomorrow on my hubby’s only day off for the week! I’ll probably have some time to add some more recipes in from others now that I’m learning to nagivate around more! Happy Saturday, Happy cooking!!