Today I’ve added a few recipes! I made a real Simple Apple Crisp, a Crock Dijon Chicken, a Chicken Almond Wrap and a Chicken Sheppard’s Pie. Well I’m making the Almond Wrap and Sheppard’s Pie tomorrow so stay tuned for pics and reviews however the others I did made today!! So I purchased a Food Network magazine today while we were out and they have some awesome recipes in their, but I never noticed how high in Calories and Fat they are! But I did pick at least a handful that I plan on posting this week so stay tuned for them!!

On the home front…..Happy Monday everyone!! Happy for me because I’m getting ready to celebrate my baby girls first birthday! No matter how depressing it is because it’s gone by so fast and she’s becoming a toddler and not so much a baby, I’m still so excited!! Things are getting done little by little, hubs is working alot this week so Maddie and I are on a mission to go this alone until Saturday then lucky daddy gets to pick everything up! Tomorrow we food shop and order our platters, balloons and cupcakes!!! The last of the goodie bag stuff will be in and I can put them together tomorrow night! Happy Cooking everyone!!