Well our family dinner went off with no problems, I had 8 full bellies come 8pm last night. It was perfect because I cooked just enough food, enough for some to have seconds and only had a small amount of left overs which is great because A LOT of leftovers packs my fridge! So I cooked a 1 lb porkloin, a pre-sliced pre-cooked ham, 4 lbs of smashed bliss potatoes, a green bean casserole and of course corn all of my hubby’s favorite dishes! It was a good meal to cook with guests because I was able to get the casserole ready beforehand, got the ham wrapped and ready, got the potatoes cut and ready to steam, all I had to do was roll the pork in spices, bag it and cook it all together! I was able to actually enjoy myself too!

Madison Saturday night for Daddy's Birthday Dinner

I’m still trying to find ways to get the website name out there. I came across a site called EatCookShare. They have loads of people on their, you have a profile, an account where you post recipes and exchange them with people, you comment on them, pretty much what I’m trying to do here so I’ve set up an account and every new person to join gets to be the “Featured Chef” for advertisement, I’m patiently waiting for my turn, then it will help get my name out there. Please feel free to pass this onto your friends and family, my recipe box will get more full I promise! Specially if anyone wants to pass a few off to me!

So new recipes that were posted this weekend, Zucchini Bread, Crock 3 Bean Chilli, and Green Bean Casserole, sorry I didn’t get too much I had a lot to do this weekend and my only day off with the hubs was today! Which we totally vegged, watched movies and I cooked & baked!

Coming this week!! Crock it Dijon Chicken Breasts, Honey Chipolte Pork Chops, Cinnamon Ginger Sweet potatoes, Chicken Almond Wrap, and time for a breakfast recipe!! Oh and the simple apple crisp recipe I found!! And get ready for Maddie’s Birthday party! Ahhhhhh!!!