I found all these great holiday drinks in my food network magazine! I was thinking of making a seperate page for delicous drinks! Don’t you get sick of the same things over and over again? Come here to try some new ones! Coming soon!!! I also updated my Appetizer section to “Appetizer-Party Favs” because I came across great things to serve at a party it could be an appetizer or a snack so I thought it would be good to update that section! Stay Tuned for those special drinks!

Today I added Baked Parmesan Pork Chops (I actually made these tonight YUM!). A delicious Cranberry Spinach Salad and some new amazing appetizers to plump up our Appetizer section!! Green Triangle Puffs, Ricotta Parmesean Spread and Spicy Mustard Keilbasa.

Well Miss Maddie and I got alot accomplished today! We went food shopping and ordered our deli platters, balloons and cupcakes!! She was a bit grumpy because my sister stopped in to visit so I dragged her to Hannaford’s with me to food shop and make our orders!


I think she thought I was leaving her with her for the day because she’s a usual babysitter! She seems to be going through, what I hope is a stage, crying for anyone that holds her except my husband or myself, it’s pretty bad, I hope she doesn’t do this for her party, the poor thing won’t even have fun, hopefully with the other kiddo’s there she’ll be ok. Thanks to my sister I even got the goody bags put together! Lots crossed off our list today!! Though no afternoon nap again……UGH….I don’t know why sometimes she naps in the afternoon and sometimes she just won’t. Maybe she’s ready to go to one nap, I was trying to stretch out the two naps while I could since I love it but we’ll see, I know every kiddo goes to one at different times. But if anyone has any advice on the “attachement issue” we are having please do speak up, it’s bringing me to my knees!!! Well daddy is home early tonight so I must go! Happy Tuesday and Happy cooking folks!!