I can’t this time last year I was in the hospital being induced…..I can’t believe how much emotion it brings to me. I never expected to feel this way!! I’m so proud, so happy, so overwhelmed, so excited, so overjoyed I can’t even describe it. I didn’t post any new recipes today because a friend of mind was in a bind. I did this 30 day challege this summer, it was 30 days of talking about how something that has happened in your life has made you loose your “happiness” how you can reflect on it and learn from it, talk about it, grow from it. I blogged everyday for 3 days, attaching a picture and using my daughter to stay positive. I loved every second of it and it’s part of the reason why I started my own site. Well the woman who runs the site contacted me telling me something happened to the site and she needed me to “repost” days 18-30, yikes….so luckily she had my words I just needed to attach the pictures. I wanted to help her out by updating what I had done (it was alot of emotional work for me) but as I did it I got to reflect on what I wrote and it was a whole lot of emotion at once, on the Eve of my baby girl turning one of all times! LOL http://www.findingmymuchness.com/2011/10/tammis-30-days-of-muchness-after-the-muchness/ Check it out, to follow my full 30 days click on my name on the right hand side of names.

Tomorrow Maddie and I are baking cookies for her birthday party, we are having lunch together out and decorating the cupcake stand! Big days tomorrow!! I can’t believe my baby is one!! Here is a pic from this past month…..Happy Wednesday to you all and I’ll keep you posted on our drink page and I’ll be posting some more recipes this weekend!! Happy Cooking!!