I added three new recipes in the “Kiddo Friendly” section. Baked Chicken Nuggets, Pigs in a Blanket and Potato Pancakes (which I’m trying tonight for MM). Also keep reading below for a tip of the day……and of course stay tuned for the drink page, that will be coming next week!

So here we are, a day before the big birthday party for Miss Maddie!! I’ve done everything I could and later tonight my friend and I are setting up the clubhouse as much as we can and decorating some cupcakes…and drinking wine of course!! Sorry I haven’t posted many new recipes this week it’s been crazy getting things ready for the party and celebrating Maddie’s actual birthday yesterday. I vowed to not get on the computer and I gave her 100% of me all day long. We went to this new store in town called “Hobby Lobby” OMG is all I have to say about that store! It’s like a Michael’s or A.C. Moore x 100!!!!!! My new favorite store! Prices were good too, I needed to pick up a few things to decorate the cupcake stand so we went their then met up with my best friend to have lunch! Aunty Shelby was happy to get to have lunch with us on her real birthday! Here is my birthday girl eating her grilled ham and cheese!

Then we each had a big nap and daddy came home on time to spend the night with his birthday girl! He made calzones with our favorite wheat dough and momma decorated the cupcake stand. Theeeeeeen Maddie had her very first cupcake!! Pretty interesting if I do say so myself!!! Scroll down to see that end result! Stay tuned to see how the big party went!! Happy Cooking my friends!

Tip# 3.  Fat from soup and stews can be eliminated by dropping ice cubes into the pot. Then stir and the fat will cling to the ice cubes. Remove the ice cubes after a few seconds.