Whew is all this momma has to say! This chef has been off duty since Thursday!! 🙂 For those of you who follow me that live locally you have all been in my boat with the storm that hit over the weekend, been without power, internet, cable. For those of you who do not live in my are…..well New England got hit with a wammy on Saturday night, 15-18 inches of snow, unheard of in October really, with leaves still on the branches it caused alot of damage. There are still over 100,000 people without power so I feel grateful that we got ours back Sunday night. However we just got our internet and cable back yesterday evening so here we are! Finally!!

Luckily this storm did not ruin Maddie’s big day! Her first birthday party went off without a hitch!!! It was great! Her whole family came to celebrate with her, she got loads of new cloths and toys beyond toys, she is one lucky little girl, and I am one proud momma! We had a great family day with good company and good food! Thank you to all who attended!

My baby's first birthday....

Though we woke up Sunday morning with no power it made us work together as a family to do what we needed to do to prepare to be out for days, the electrical company said toprepare for days so we did. Bought ice, got the coolers ready, flashlights out and candles prepared. With a few arguements and disagreements by sun down we were ready! Luckily in our condo we stay rather warm so we weren’t too concerned about heat with it reaching near 50 the next day. By dinner time I begged hubby to get a warm meal somewhere that had power, I was already sick of sandwhiches and bagels! So off we went, luckily our favorite restaurant down the street was open! We planned on renting a movie to watch on our laptop (the power we had left on them) once we put the babe to bed so as we were driving to the redbox we see the places that didn’t have power on the way suddenly glow!!! We had hopes! Sure enough we turned into our complex and it was glowing!! YAY! Only to find that we had no internet and TV, at the end of these few days I still say I’d rather have internet and TV than power! LOL!! So we put the babe to bed and luckily were able to watch the movie on our big TV. Honestly having no cable and internet was nice, we spent 2 nights alone without hearing from the outside world, though I missed the news and missed communicating with others, I liked the family time. I spent more time with Maddie, I played more, daddy wasn’t on his laptop at night so it gave us the time together as a family. So much that from here on our I’m limiting my own internet and TV time!!

Soooooooooo still to come, the drink page I’d like to get running, if you have a favorite send it on over! I will add some more recipes this week however I won’t be cooking any new ones until tomorrow as we are trying to finish leftovers and such from the party! So stay tuned for more meals and pics and also for me to be featured on the CookEatShare website!! Happy Cooking friends!