Today’s addition includes a Butternut Squash Mac&Cheese (Main Meals), Braised Beef w/Marsala Wine Sauce (Main Meals) and a Thin & Crispy White Pizza, I put that under Appetizers because it’s a great thing to serve in peices, or even a quick lunch! I can’t wait to make either of these main dishes!! I think I’ll be trying the pizza tomorrow for lunch!! Oh and it’s only 200 calories!! And you get to eat the WHOLE pizza!!

While shopping at Walmart I hear my first Christmas music! Every year I’m amazed at how early this starts, I don’t know why, it’s always early and it’s always before Thanksgiving, however this unexpected October snowfall has turned my sense of time all around! Today I thought it was Tuesday and my daugthers one year check up was 11/2, Thursday at 3. They call today to confirm for later today at 3 since they were out of power they hadn’t called the day before. I then look at my calendar and realize that 11/2 is Wednesday and that was today! AHHHH!!!!!! Well I’ve been thinking about the holidays and how excited I am since my daughter is exploring the world this year, unlike last year when I looked forward to them to simply get out of the house and….well for an occasion to drink since I had just given birth!! So I think I’ll start researching Thanksgiving recipes and think of a way to make it special for Momma’s Meals, so if you have any special recipes you’d like to share please do forward them on!! I’m adding a page called “Special Holiday Additions” this will include all my favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes including those drinks I promised you!! There are already some yummy new drinks to try!! Stay tuned for the yummy recipes that will be added throughout the month!!

So yes I’m happy to say that my daughter is a happy, healthy, growing toddler now!!! She has a healthy good weight and height, she’s developing perfectly the doc said, unfortunatly with 3 shots and a blood prick I have a very unhappy baby so stay tuned for the Holiday addition to our page!!! Bring it on my chefs!!