It’s another Friday!!! Heading over to my gal’s house to cook dinner together, this is the 3rd one and I’m really starting to look forward to them. Tonight I’m showing her my Baked Parmesan Pork Chops (See Main Section) and I’m trying a new recipe for Oven Roasted Potato Wedges (See Amazing Sides Section or Special Holiday Additions). I’m putting the wedges under the Amazing Side section and the Special Holiday Addition category for easy access for anyone that may be trying some of these holiday recipes! So stay tuned for pictures and reviews. Also, she is teaching me a new green bean dish which I can’t wait for because I love green beans and I’m always looking for a way to make them different.

Another tough day here, TGIF is all I have to say because between loosing our power, internet, cable, and the fact that my little one is learning to walk, napping less and is going through a HUGE case of the Stranger anxiety phase!! I figured since it’s been getting bad and she doesn’t nap for over an hour I decided to skip the morning nap this morning and we headed to a mommy group at my favorite place! Nini Bambini in Bedford, NH! They’ve helped me through so many phases in the past year and I haven’t been to a group or class in ages because Maddie’s naps usually coincide with their times. So off we go, at first she did well, played with a few kiddo’s and some new toys. Then as more arrived, she kind of stuck by me, no biggie, I don’t push, then another fellow momma happened to say hi to her and she lost it! LOL…..finally she ventured out again and when she realized she had crawled a whole 5 feet away from me she lost it again, now she is rubbing her eyes, they are red, bags are forming, I’m trying to talk to Ms. Julie the facilitator, other fellow moms and dads on what I can do to survive this phase! It felt good (once again) to not feel so alone, to know that others around her age are going through the same thing LOL….I can’t really do anything except remind myself that “This too shall pass.” So thank you fellow momma’s and Julie for helping me make it through my rough day!! TGIF!!!!!!!!