Ugh to Monday’s! But I do have some nice additions for you to check out. I’m going to be making a home made Chicken Soup tomorrow in my crock so I’d love to share that one with you, I also baked Thick & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from none other than the Smart Cookie Cook herself! I’m also going to be trying the Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese I posted last week so I can’t wait to see how that comes out and to be able to show pictures! I cooked the Tangy Pork Roast last night for my sis and mom, it was a little dry but very good still, I think I would just baste if more throughout the cook time and cut down my cook time, everyone’s Crock is different. I’m also going to be adding onto our Holiday Addition so come back and check it out throughout the week.

I also decided to do a little changing with my “Weekly Favs” Page, no one is voting, I don’t have enough viewers…yet 😦 Soooo I decided to make it a “Add your recipe Here” page!! Hoping to get some of my recipe testers to test their own right here on Momma’s Meals! So pass on your favorite recipe and I’ll post them under that category!!!!

Maddie and I had a good day, we wanted to make it to music class today but the naps were good so I wasn’t messing with that since the poor kiddo hasn’t napped well in weeks! So we took an hour and she played out on the porch while I got into a new book! We were invited to a play group for Thursday so we are hoping to make it to that….though everyone’s play group seems to be at 10, I guess my kid is the only one who naps at 10am! AHHH!

So I’m dying to get back to the gym (OK having Maddie has been an excellant excuse to not to go) she has such bad seperation anxiety I’m afraid to leave her in the daycare at the gym…..I need to go…..I need to suck it up!

I had a great mini date night with the hubs tonight…was so nice to talk and not worry about being interrupted and all that! This weekend we have a big date night to the Bruins game with another couple we met through our birthing group that we’ve been hanging with, we look forward to that too, it should be fun! Though as we were turning into the mall I realized, I’m so not looking forward to Christmas Shopping, I don’t know why, I’m just not, I also tried Spegetti Squash with Zucchini tonight, it was soooooooooo yummy and it was only 300 calories, don’t worry I’m looking into that recipe!!! OK folks until tomorrow! Stay tuned for more yummy recipes!