Well once I realized it was going to be another 70 degree day I decided that Chicken & Dumpling Soup wasn’t going to be a good idea!! But stay tuned because I do plan on making it soon and it looks like an awesome recipe so I will be trying that one soon!! So instead I’m going to try Crockpot Honey Mustard Ham. I’ve never tried Ham in the crock before and I think this one sounds good, I’m also going to add a can of beans to this recipe. I think ham is tricky for me because every time I cook it it’s nice on the outside and cold in the middle, no matter how long I cook it LOL!! Plus the crock always keeps meat moist so I’m going to give this one a shot and serve it with a summer time favorite in this house, Favorite Roasted Veggies. Nothing better than all our favorite veggies roasted with some spices to flavor it up! Oh and I added the Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies I made over the weekend that I promised to post! Check em out!

This time change has really messed my little one up, well that and learning how to really walk and going from formula to whole milk will do it too!! AHHH!!! She goes down late and is up early, naps have been ok getting longer again, but that’s probably because she’s not getting as much sleep at night! I can’t believe how much she went from taking a few steps here and there to walking all around the house, it’s super cute when they are wabbly and unsure….already took quite a few dingers too, hard ones! I’m not sure if she’s “discovering” her voice or what but she has this new “cry” it’s all for attention you can tell…..but it’s quite well….annoying! I have a feeling my temper tantrums are only going to get worse and lets not even talk about what the teenage years are going to be like! To make matters worse I forgot my husband had an appt tonight, which I never do, It’s me who keeps track of them and always knows what’s going on so forgetting is just crazy LOL…however I cooked a ham dinner since it’s his favorite, so I’m holding off on the sides and turning the ham down so we can put pouty baby Maddie down and eat in peace!!!

So instead of a Submit your recipe here tab I’m thinking a “Did you know….tab” will be more beneficial to my usual readers, I know I always am looking for cooking tips and facts that make you go “hmmmm….makes sense!” So let’s see how that goes but please still do submit your recipes because I’d still like to try others and swap with others! Email them to tammiforcier@comcast.net. I got an awesome new cooking magazine so stay tuned for some great additions I can’t wait to check it out!Time to put this Tuesday behind me!! I’ve been so addicted to Criminal Minds and NCIS, I never watched them before and now I’m obsessed! It zones me out and helps me think of well………NOTHING so I better hit one up before going to bed! Bye Bye Tuesday!

Here is a picture that will make anyone laugh….there are 2 draws that still need to be “baby proofed” take a guess which one…….Yes those are condoms my 12 mth old daughter is holding!! LOL……