I was quickly reminded this morning by my husband that just 2 more days and we have a long weekend ahead! I totally forgot he had Friday off and I’m excited for family time and help around the house!! Friday is my mom’s birthday so good family time, then Saturday we are off to the Bruin’s game for a date night with friends so it’s looking good, just have to get through this week that seems to be taking forever! But naps were good today and it seems like the times are finally starting to get back to normal since the time change! So wonderful Wednesday it is!

Tonight’s cooking consisted of another McCormick meal….love these meals!! It’s called Country Style Chicken. Pretty easy seeing as the seasoning is all together for you, but check it out it’s for a night when you just want to pop something in the oven! I’ve even thrown my cut up potatoes and veggies in their with it, let them based in the sauce! Tonight however I made it with Jasmine Cheesy Rice & Broccoli. – OK well that was the plan for dinner till hubby came home and said I feel like chinese! Hey who am I to argue!!! Don’t worry the Country Style Chicken and Jasmine Cheesy Rice & Broccoli will just be posted tomorrow instead! 🙂

I’m adding a few new recipes under the Holiday Additions today, oh my this Thanksgiving special in the magazine I bought looks amazing I want to post them all! But I’m choosing my favorite for now. From the Turkey and stuffing to the veggies, potatoes and pies!! I chose, Slow-Roasted Turkey with Cream Gravy,Old Fashioned Cranberry Sauce, Ciabatta Stuffing with Chestnuts & RaisinsBalsalmic-Glazed Green Beans & Pearl Onions, Mashed Potato Casserole, Cranberry Apple Pie and last but not least, Ginger Pumpkin Pie with Toasted Coconut. WOW I want all of that for Thanksgiving!!! Let me know what you think! If you can’t click on one it just means I’m still working on entering them, since they come from a magazine it’s all typing and no copying and pasting this time around!

I also added Sloppy Joe Sliders under the kiddo section because it looked super yummy and I want to try this soon! Check out the new Did you know…” Page! And stay tuned I’ll be updating it with more tips and such each week!