Sorry it’s been awhile! This momma has had a very busy weekend that has left me with quite the hangover LOL!! Friday was my mom’s 60th so that involved lunch which turned into dinner with my aunt, grandmother, sister, and two cousins, yes my grandmother can keep up with us! Saturday my hubby helped his grandfather move and spent some time with his family and we were out the door by 3 to head into Boston to see the Bruin’s with another couple. I met Jen at the mom’s group I attend off and on for mommy support and her husband Jason is as big of a Bruin’s fan as my hubby so I’m lucky that Maddie has just another friend to grow up with because their daughter Olivia is only 4 wks younger! Anyways, we go to a bar before getting to the Garden called the Greatest Bar LOL I thought it was pretty great seeing as it was 4 floors! Then we get to the Garden and thanks to some great friends that gave us the tickets and made sure we were on the list to attend Legends for dinner. Great place, you actually have the table you sit at for the whole entire night, you can come back whenever you want and if you let them know if you are coming back after the game they’ll have your favorite drink and whatever food you want waiting for you, seriously????!!! I just think every restaurant should do that! So of course Jen and I had to take advantage of that and spent the last period at the bar and sure enough when the game ended and the guys walked in our drinks were waiting for us! I could get used to that, but luckily I’m not because after that we head back to the bar we started at, another drink and a shot later we finally head home 🙂 Yes now I’m paying for it, but luckily the hubs let me sleep in until 9:30! Thanks to my awesome sister for babysitting and staying so late! She is the best TT (aunty) ever!

Maddie & her Nana at Nana's B-Day Lunch!

Ok soooo what’s ahead for this week in this momma’s kitchen, well my hubby and I are starting a healthier lifestyle come tomorrow. Heading back to the gym and no more take out and starchy food, more fruits and veggies so I’m in desperate need of shedding some weight, it’s not even baby weight either, at least I don’t think it is seeing as I lost that the first week Maddie came into the world so I’m thinking it’s from the past year of taking care of a little one, being new at it and being stressed from it! So I’m hoping for some more “healthified” healthier meals LOL!!! I’m also going to finish the Holiday Addition section. I’m going to be adding some more breakfast meals and maybe even think about separating that section. There is also a new veggie pasta meal I want to try this week too so stay tuned for that. Later tonight I’ll have all the weekly additions up!!Here is where I need your help, what would you like to see more of here, more Crock Meals, more Amazing Sides, Beef, Chicken? Here is your chance to speak up if you want to see more of anything!!

End of a long weekend!