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What a gorgeous day! Started off without my nightly usual. Big ol’ glass of wine last night 😦 I figured it would help the weight loss process! So Maddie and I were off to a good start she had strawberries and pancakes this momma had a egg white sandwich and a banana, we didn’t make it to the gym however since it was so beautiful out and we are limited on these days I figured why not enjoy it with her so we went and walked a mile then she played with my exercise ball while I did some free weights and crunches LOL….I’ve been craving a spinach salad so that’s for lunch and dinner is finally the Country Style Chicken in the Crock by McCormick. This morning I was in search for a recipe involving Spegehetti Squash because I bought one last week and I’m dying to try it! I found one and tweaked it to my families liking, give it a shot, I’m calling it Spaghetti Squash Supreme (You have to check out this recipe I made it tonight and it was AMAZING and so low in calories and fat!!) I also added a recipe I found through a fellow blogger called Linguini & Brown Butter Sage Sauce, this is going to be the featured meal for Friday’s Friendly meal so stay tuned! I added Breakfast Pies and I put them under “Main Meals” and “Kiddo Friendly” because it was suggested to serve it to a kiddo, these seem great for make ahead breakfasts for the week so I can’t wait to try these! (thanks to my lovely husband who stopped and got the biscuts for me on the way home we get to try these tomorrow!) I added some more “Did you know….” those are always helpful! Last but not least I added 2 more in the “Holiday Additions” (I also posted the Frosted Pumpkin Cupcakes in the dessert section) So check out the recipe I found for Mashed Sweet Potato Brulee sounds all fancy but it looks super easy, I’ll be making it Thanksgiving weekend! The other recipe I found was for dessert, Frosted Pumpkin Cupcakes! Mmmm….

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