Even the smallest cold can get you down this time of year! This is the 2nd winter that I’ve had a cold and had someone besides myself to take care of. It’s part of the job I suppose. I rolled out of bed this morning knowing I was going to feel worse than I did yesterday, when I felt it coming on I was in denial saying I have things to do this week and a busy weekend ahead I can’t be sick! Then I woke up around 2 with the chills and then at 3 hotter than heck then at 4 cold again. Maddie was a good girl and let me sleep in until 8!! So she ate her Kix while I curled up on the couch but then I remember I wanted to make those Breakfast Pies this morning, now to me that says a lot because when I don’t feel well NOTHING will get me up and at em never mind up and cooking, but I figured since my boo had me up I mine as well try. Plus I feel bad my wonderful hubby stopped specially for the biscuits I needed to make them this morning so I figured since she was busy eating her fruit and eggs I could start the baking. OMG folks……they were AMAZING!!! I updated it a bit to match my thoughts on the recipe and my own pictures so check it out. Breakfast Pies, I’m letting Miss Maddie try them tomorrow morning and I know my hubby will scoff a few down! I figured since I wasn’t feeling well, despite the 60 degree weather I’d make that Campbell’s Crock Chicken & Dumpling Soup I posted last week! Check it out I changed a few things myself to make it more my style!! Perfect for a fall day! You’ve got to check out the pics on those two from today I’m getting better! I also added some more Kiddy Friendly meals I found in my Parent magazine I found last night. Mac N Cheese Muffins from Giada from the Food Network,  and Wilma’s Holiday Tree from none other than Wilma Flintstone!! Also, Bagel Wreaths (awesome for this time of year) and Hawaiian Pizza Pockets!!

Soooooooooo regardless of a yucky cold coming on Maddie and I ventured out to Hannaford’s to stock up for the week/weekend and to start getting ready for Thanksgiving!!!!!!! Few more recipes to add this week for the Holiday addition so stay tuned, this momma is headed to bed my friends!!

I’m Including the questions again to get some more votes!! So don’t worry more Crock pot meals are coming!!!!