Hey everyone!!

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I was laid up most of the day, I figured I’d let this cold kick my butt for one more day then come tomorrow I’m kicking back!!! So Madison and I had a PJ day and watched TV! Though she still battled both naps for at least an hour ūüė¶ So since my hubby told me to not lift a finger, which is very hard by the way because I always feel lazy when a whole day goes by and I didn’t get anything done. Honestly I didn’t have it in me even if I wanted to, so because of that, I got A LOT of time to add some recipes! I figured I should finish up the “Special Holiday Additions” because…well hello Thanksgiving is next week! Holy cow did that sneak up on me!! So check out that section, I added¬†7 new items and organized it better. Here are the additions: Cupcakes in a Jar, Sweet¬†Potato Biscuits, Simple Giblet Gravy, Mashed Potato Casserole, Balsamic-Glazed Green Beans & Pearl Onions, Cranberry-Apple Pie,¬†and Healthified Popovers!! ¬†Don’t worry once Turkey day is over I’ll just move them to the appropriate section rather than do away with them so they’ll always be here! You should also notice as you click on any new recipe that I’m starting to add a picture header that coincides with each recipe, as I have time I’ll also update the older ones too! More pictures you ask for, more pictures you get! I also think that the “Crock It” Section is a big hit so YES I added 4 more today!!! Check em out!! Whole Chicken in a Crock, Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip, Short Ribs in Red Wine, Chicken Wings in Honey-Soy Sauce.

So that was what my day consisted of, even if you don’t try the actual recipe leave me a comment of what you may think! OK folks this momma is off to bed, prepared to feel much better tomorrow!