What a busy weekend! Again!! Friday was Friendly Friday’s Meal, BUT……..Shelbs and I went for our annual pedicures and after sitting their, talking, relaxing we both walked out of their thinking…..”I don’t feel like cooking!” LOL….I guess it happens to even people that love to cook, so instead we had a few cocktails at my house so she could see my boo boo then we headed out for dinner. So sorry this momma slacked, we were planning on making Linguini with Brown Butter Sage Sauce, but I will try it one night this week!!

Well we had my mother’s suprise 60th this weekend. We pulled it off!! I haven’t said anything because she reads my posts but she was surprised. It was a fun night, and of course my wonderful husband took the baby home so I could stay and hang out with my family 🙂  Maddie even warmed up……..eventually!! Look at that face!!!!

My Aunt Jo also very generously volunteered to do the 10 Day Crock Challenge with me! So I’m excited to at least have one other person to comment back and forth with! But I’d love a few more!

As you can see I’m working on organizing the site better, thank you for your patience as I move things around and add more recipes to the sections that need them. I’m excited to just keep adding more recipes!! I am also adding more pictures for you all!

The agenda for the week, well it’s Thanksgiving this week WOW, crazy how fast that came up. But I’d still like to try the Linguini with Brown Butter Sage Sauce, I found a recipe for Keilbasa the other too that I’d like to give a shot, I’m slowly clearing out my freezer trying to use the meat that’s been their for awhile and I noticed their was some Keilbasa in their so I found a Creamy Keilbasa Bake. I’m going to make the Burger Heaven Casserole that’s in the Crock Section, I made this last year I believe and I forgot all about it, I have some hamburg in the freezer I can use that up for this recipe!!! And lastly I htink I’ll plan another Crocker for Friday the day after Thanksgiving, I have pork chops left in the freezer and I had something in mind that I think I’m just going to make up and call it All-In-One Pork Chop Dinner! Love it when the whole meal is prepared for you! I’m also going to look for some Breakfast recipes I think they are fun, I love casseroles, and the Breakfast Pie’s were such a big hit last week it gave my hubby something to take to work besides cereal!!

Oh and I added a new recipe over the weekend that I found under the salad section because it looked yummy!!! Roasted Veggies & Goat Cheese Pasta Salad.