Only a few more days until we all get to dive in!!!! Check out our Special Holiday Additions section if your looking for that perfect side dish, dessert or Main Deal!!! Lots added from this momma today!! You have to check out the Breakfast Dishes because I added 3 delcious new things to try and I even put 2 of them under the Kiddo Friendly section. Old-Fashioned Breakfast Casserole, Cannoli-Stuffed French Toast Bites, and check out our Denver Omlet in a Cup! I plan on making the Casserole tomorrow and maybe even attempting the French Toast Bites later this week!! I think Miss Maddie will gobble them up! Ha Gobble Gobble!

I added a new Chicken recipe because I can’t wait to try this one! Hello it has peanut butter in it who wouldn’t want to try it! Chicken with Peanut & Noodles!   

I also started looking into some Cooking Techniques as well, this will be under “My Cooking School.” I always hear of the quick and easy meals or what about meals under 30 minutes? When I was working I depended on these meals so I thought I’d post a few of those for you! So check them out! 5 Healthy Recipes-Let me get you through the week! I’ll be posting more of those depending on people’s responses because I think I lived off of these and crock pot meals when I worked full-time.

Soooooooooooo Maddie and bit the bullet and went to the gym this morning!! A friend of mine is off this week so she asked me if I wanted to do a play date and knowing she goes to the same gym as me, I said can we please go to the gym, I’m afraid to leave Maddie alone and go workout! Well not leave her alone, but leave her with stranger! So we got their 20 minutes before her and her daughter (Olivia and Maddie are only 4 wks apart) so I was able to play with her for a bit before I snuck off! Not to mention that the woman who takes care of the kiddo’s in the daycare is our old neighbor! I know she is great with kids because she has 2 daughters and she runs the pool at our condo complex!! It’s such a relief to know that I know her! Maddie did really well, she cried when she fell down once and whined a bit but other than that she played with the kids and had fun! When I was on the elliptical I saw her at the door, looking for me with her hands pressed up against the glass….my heart melted, but she wasn’t crying so I trudged on. Thank you to my awesome friend Jenn and her daughter Olivia for getting me over my fear and getting me and Maddie to the gym!! Hopefully within a few wks she’ll love Miss Joanne and have new friends so mommy can feel like mommy again!!

Tonight we had the Burger Heaven Casserole Crock It meal. My Mother-In-Law came to see MM, I got a good review from daddy and her!! This will have to be made again in this house!! Instead of the tomato soup I used a can of Poutine because my husband is very french and we have a half a dozen cans in our pantry!! 🙂 It was really good!