I plan on taking all of these actions guys!! Seriously it’s a way to not gain too much over the holiday and still have all the goodies!! I was a big fan of TV show the Biggest Loser, I was amazed at the pounds these people shed, but then another program came on I liked better and I stopped watching however I do still read into their meals and programs and of course have done some Jillian Michaels workout’s before! Here is a few tips from an email I recieved!!

How to Handle Thanksgiving
Have a planned celebration, then get right back on track!

To make sure you don’t go into a food coma at the Thanksgiving table, or feel so full you stagger to the couch afterwards trailing busted zippers and popped buttons, here are some suggestions from our Biggest Loser Club experts on having a sane Thanksgiving celebration:

1. Eat a healthy breakfast.

2. Exercise. This may mean taking a walk with a family member or taking a 30-minute break from the festivities.

3. Make sure you have a veggie option without added cheese, butter, or cream sauce or have a salad. If not, consider making one this year.

4. Stick with white turkey meat. Have a good portion (4-6 ounces). Eat a serving of cranberry sauce on the side.

5. Avoid bread and put a small spoonful of stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, or other carbs that you’d like to savor on your plate. Eat these slowly and mindfully.

6. Limit wine or other alcohol to 1-2 drinks

7. Plan to have a slice of pie if you really want it.

8. EAT SLOWLY!! Pace yourself. Give yourself permission to taste everything. Keep portions small. .

9. Remove your plate as soon as you feel like you’ve eaten enough (you still have a slice of pie and coffee or tea waiting for you). Go ahead and get your hot beverage.

10. Focus on the conversation.

11. Savor your pie. Get your plate away from you when it’s finished.

12. Go take another walk – even if it’s only 15 minutes – after the meal.