Well today was a busy day! Madison and I declared today a PJ Day!!! Stayed tuned for pics and reviews on Baked Steak with Mushroom Gravy and my Frosted Pumpkin Cake! Plus the rest of the recipes for the 10 Day Crock Challenge! Still time to join us!!

So My hubby and I really liked the Baked Steak with Mushroom Gravy!!! Check out my pics! I always love steak in the crock because it keeps it nice and moist and juicy! I ended up serving it over brown rice because the sauce was thin and I knew my hubby could use it on his rice. I can never get enough rice. Plus I was cooking my Mashed Sweet Potato Brulee for Thanksgiving tomorrow, making my daughter dinner and making the Pumpkin Cake with homemade frosting! Whew……..7:08 and this momma is retiring for the night! Everything looks super yummy…..I got an email today from the crew that works with “The Biggest Loser” I get updates on recipes and such and this article was ways to stay on track and no go over board with eating on the holiday so check it out under “My Cooking School” I thought it was worth posting! I’m hoping to follow it by starting out with a 8:45 gym class tomorrow. If I can move seeing as my muscles are so sore right now I have to keep stretching everytime I get up, and I mean really stretching, for like 15 min!! WOW…It’s ok it’s motivating me to go back!! Maddie was a good girl today, napped really well and played with her toys and snuggled with momma too! But I have to share this one because it’s funny….Picture this…..dinner is over, Maddie starts acting like her normal cranky self around 5-6pm, whining crying wanting to be held, it’s one of two things, Daddy’s home I want all of you now, or I have a belly ache………hmmm which one do you think it was?? I was in the middle of cooking 5 different things on the stove (Luckily the sink was empty and my mother taught me right and I wash dishes as I cook) I see her over by the door and she’s whining and playing with something on the floor, I said “Oh man, I didn’t hear one of the cats puking!!” Andy said “Neither did I, what what’s wrong?” Then I realized……….YUP it was up her diaper, up her back and on the floor!!!! “I said omg a little help here, how did that happen??” My hubby said “It blew out the back!!!!” LOL and she decided to play with it!!!! LOL Don’t worry fam I washed my hands before I continued cooking!!!!!!!!!! That’s my girl!!!!

Ok so I added the rest of the crockpot recipes for the 10 DAY CROCK CHALLENGE. Here’s what I’ll do just to see if I can get anyone else to join me and my aunt on this challenge. I know your thinking what if you don’t like one of these recipes? What if their is something in it you don’t like, or you don’t have that type of meat but you have one for the next day. Here are the rules:

Cook whatever recipe you want from the ones I’ve posted, try to keep to what I’ve posted so we have the same thing to talk about, but it doesn’t have to be the same day, if you cook a beef dish ahead of me I’ll get reviews on it sooner than I actually make it, and vice versa for you!! Or feel free to replace it with a favorite of your own, I’d love to get people sharing.

After you cook it, comment on what you thought of it, what you would have added, subtracted, what you served it with, who in your house liked it, disliked it. Feel free to add a picture too, or if you can’t send it to me and I’ll post it for you!! You’ll get my full review on each recipe with detailed pictures too!!

See, simple enough right?? So who’s with me? Here are the ones I added today!!! Slow cooker Pot Roast, All-In-One Pork Chop Bake, Tortellini Tuscan Stew, Slow Cooker Lasagna, Crockpot Pizza, and Greek Chicken and Ragout. I also added these in the Crock-It section for those of you who do not want to try this challenge but may want to try one or two with us, feel free to let us know how they came out!

Well that’s about it guys, going to call it a day and spend some time with the hubs, even if it does consist of watching the B’s Game LOL!!….Oh I almost forgot, I also posted a recipe for Spagehetti Squashe and Sausage Casserole. I was looking for a recipe that my hubby may like consisting of Spagehetti Squash and that’s what I found, once the crockpot challenge is over I’m trying that one!  YUM! GOBBLE GOBBLE to you all!!