GOBBLE GOBBLE everyone!! Well another year has past, I can’t believe this time last year I had an infant…..oh gosh the things I have to be thankful for. My family who has forever supported me and loved me through all of lifes challenges. My husband who has given me god’s greatest gift and so so much more. My grandmother who we lost this past year, she was such an anchor in our family, I never saw a woman who could give so much love. I’m so thankful she got 8 mths with my baby girl. I pray for the men and woman who can’t be with their families today because they are supporting our country. My friend Bobby who is among  them…..I am forever grateful.

So today we are off to my aunt’s house for dinner, it’s a tradition, most years we’ve made it, a few years we’ve been at my in-laws but luckily my mother-in-law is willing to cook another dinner Saturday for us and even invited my mom, grandmother and sister so I’m VERY much looking forward to two Thanksgivings this year!! Yeeeewhooo!!!!! I hope Maddie eats turkey today! Stay tuned for family reviews!! 🙂  Sorry I won’t be posting any recipes today, this momma is taking the day off!! Well maybe I’ll work on some later tonight!! Be Thankful everyone!!