Yup this is our 2nd Friday this week. My hubs has to work today! Stay tuned for my Thanksgiving update, a way to enhance everyone and anyone to do the 10 DAY CROCK CHALLENGE AND…..of course more recipes!

Ok so anyone that joins the 10 DAY CROCK CHALLENGE and successfully completes it will get mailed a $10 Gift Card to your choice of grocery store, Hannaford’s, Shaws, Market Basket, your choice! Join NOW!!! Ok I added a few recipens during my search today, 2 Gluten Free ones, Honey-Mustard Turkey Cutlets & Summer Squash & White Bean Saute. Then I added Creamy Mashed Cauliflower because I got this idea from one of my favorite TV shows so I looked it up and found this recipe!! Cut out the carbs!! Tonight I’m trying my porkchops in the crock with sliced mushrooms and onions cooked for 3 hours in poutine sauce. I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner and he just asked for anything cooked in Poutine Sauce!! It’s a french gravy and it’s actually really good, I put it in my Sheppard’s Pie’s, any Heaven Burger dish, but this time I’m trying it over my porkchops and Mashed Sweet Potato Brulee that was left over from Thanksgiving!! YUM!!!

Well hey at least it’s Friday!! And this momma made it through day 3 at the gym LOL!! It’s a great start for me, Maddie gets better and better at the daycare, today as I was trying to sneak away she caught me and as I was walking out the door I waved and she smiled and waved back (Awwwww Melted my heart!!) Then when I was finished and returned she ran to me with open arms…..it was such an amazing feeling, I know what your all thinking, I’m crazy because she is 13 mths old Sunday and I’m just getting this feeling now???!!! Well remember I’m a stay at home mom so I’m ALWAYS with her, the few times I leave it’s with her daddy or we come home and she’s already in bed. This is such a good thing for her, she keeps to herself Miss Joanne says but she plays with the toys and observes all the other kids LOL….hey she’s independent like her mommy!!!! It’s just a great feeling knowing I get an hour to myself and know I’m actually doing something for me!! Something healthy! And you know what they say is right the days you go to the gym you are bound to eat more healthy because I have been!!

So that leads me to my next challenge!!! I’ve been thinking long and hard about this one and I have about 20-25 lbs I’d like to loose between now and the spring time. It’s plenty of time to be done so I’d like to do a 28 day challenge of Eating Well and staying healthy! I’ll monitor my meals with you all (even when I cheat because we all do) I’ll share my workouts with you and hopefully by the end of the 28 days I’ll be on my way to my spring weight!!! I’m starting this before the new year! Don’t wait until New Years to do what you want to do!! Even if you can’t workout because you don’t have time, eat healthy with me! You don’t have to share your weight results or your cheat times like me but comment on some of my meals and tell me how your doing, we’d be a great support system for each other!! So while I’m doing the 10-Day Crock Challenge I’m going to start my menu, I’m using the Eating Well website because they have designed a 28 Day meal plan, I’m just shifting things around because their are some things on their that I don’t like. So stay tuned and think about trying the challenge with me!!!