Well it is just another Saturday but all day I thought it was Sunday! My hubby and I cleaned the house and packed up so we could head to my in-laws, his moms house for a thanksgiving dinner. My MIL was kind enough to invite my mom, sister and my nana and it was awesome, her boyfriend cooked everything and let me tell you he is one heck of a cook, everything he makes is always really really good! Maddie was a bit cranky but she did well overall. So here we are at 8:50 PM watching the Bruin’s game…again!LOL!!! But I worked alot this morning on looking into my 28-Day challenge of eating healthy and stay active! I added alot of recipes to it, the good news is I not only added it into the 28 day challenge section but I also added it into each category it belonged to. Chicken, Beef, etc etc…..so I just added 11 new recipes!!!! Yay!!!! Check it out!!! 28 Day Challenge is where you can see all the new recipes, the recipes seem really good too.  I want people to do this with me!!

My aunt and I are eager to start the 10 Day Crock Challenge!! Can’t wait to get other people’s opinions! There is still time to join us on this challenge! I’m so looking forward to using the crockpot all week! The holidays are setting in, errands to run, getting to the gym 4 days this week, Dr’s appt’s lots to do so it will feel good to set my crock each morning and go about my busy week!! Tonight I’m making a crock meal too because I had chicken breasts out and they weren’t defrosting so I said what the heck. Threw them in the crock and covered them with diced tomatoes flavored in garlic and onion and a can of corn, I’ll cook them on low for 6 hours and sprinkle a little cheese on top and wala!! Dinner! I’m also going to try the Creamy Mashed Cauliflower dish I found this week too, I’m interested in what my hubby will think of that dish! Stay tuned for reviews!! I’ll be working on the menu choices for the 28 Day Challenge so keep checking back so you can decide that you want to do this with me!

Decorating the house today, dinner is cooking, baby is napping, life is good folks!! Bring on the holidays!! Happy Sunday!!