Got a sick kiddo so thank god for the Crock Challenge! The Beef Stew Delight is going in at noon!! Stay tuned for reviews! Let me know if anyone is trying it with me!

OK! So it was a tough day, Maddie hasn’t had a cold since the beginning of the year and I thought that was bad, it breaks my heart when I can’t take it away for her 😦 So we’ve been up off and on since 330, she fights it, she’s a tough cookie, her nose is running faster than I can keep up with! She’s too cute, but at least she’s cuddely when she doesn’t feel well! So this is a GREAT week to do the 10 Day Crock Challenge! Check out me and my hubby’s review and my pictures from Day One!! I made the Beef Stew Delight. Scroll to the bottom. Tomorrow is Balsamic Chicken & Spring Veggies YUM!! Who wants to join me??

The other thing I’m working on is the 28-Day Healthy Challenge that is going to start once the Crock Pot Challenge is over. This one will be tougher but I’m already starting to work out regularly and eat healthier so hopefully it won’t be much of a change!! I really hope someone joins me in this one, it’s forced me to post alot of new healthy recipes!! Here are a few: Low Fat Baked Ziti & Spinach, Hashbrown Egg White Nests, (Kiddo Friendly), make your own Garlic & Herb Pita Chips, try a new sandwich for lunch, the Southwestern Cheese Panini, or a new Low Fat snack, Cucumbers & Cottage Cheese. All of these are on the 28-Day Healthy Challenge Menu!!!!

Here are my Aunt’s pictures of her Beef Stew Delight! Looks yummy!! Reviews will be coming later tonight!