Chicken is defrosting! I went to pull out my chicken thighs, I usually don’t eat meat on a bone but figured I’d take one for the team and see how it is in the Crock, however……… said 2007 on the date! LOL….soooo we are using Chicken Tenders over here which will be fine! Can’t wait to fill up on all those veggies! I may try and attempt a Rissoto too depending on how my boo is feeling for the day! Sooo stay tuned for my aunts reviews on the Beef Stew Delight and mine on the Balsamic Chicken!! Happy Tuesday!!

Well my crock pot is a brewing!!! I decided to serve this over egg noodles instead of Risotto because I’m meeting my friend at the gym and I really don’t have time to attempt the Risotto tonight 😦 Normally I go to the gym in the a.m. but since my boo is sick I can’t take her to the daycare so I’ve been trying to go at night so I don’t fall off track!!


I’m not off to a good start with this challenge LOL…I thought I had the peppers in my fridge for Day 2 however I was astonished when I opened my draw and their were none there so I only have the Zucchini, Summer Squash and Onion that is cooking over my chicken tenders right now……still looks and smells amazing!!!!!


I added a few things today, the one thing I wanted anyone that was thinking about doing the 28 Day Health Challenge with me was to look at the example I posted so you would see how I would be tracking my day and calories. I use to track my calories and food journal. It also allows you to track your exercise as well, so I’ll be using that to post everyday. So check out the Example!! I also tried to make the Garlic & Herb Pita chips, I didn’t have actual Pita Bread so I tried using Whole Wheat, Low Cal Wraps because I saw a recipe using them before…….Disaster! LOL I always burn them, this is the second time I attempted these so next time I’m just buying the darn Pita Bread!! LOL! I also found this awesome sandwich that I’ve now had for 2 days in a row! I’m addicted, to me it’s not really a recipe but I wanted to share it with you! Now don’t laugh! I take 2 pieces of light bread (Country Kitchen) I toast the bread. Spread one triangle of The Laughing Cow Cheese (any kind), place 3 pieces of fat free ham and top with a slice of tomato and lettace! YUM!!!! It’s really good and only 165 Calories! It’s very filling too!

I also added a recipe for a Basic Risotto (Dying to try this!!), a Vegetarian Sheppard’s Pie, Strawberry Pineapple Chicken Bites and a healthy version of Peach Creme Brulee!!


OK…………….last but not least!!!!! THE VERDICT for today’s challenge!! Balsamic Chicken & Spring Veggies! What a different smell this was while cooking, really good though!! Click on the recipe for pictures and reviews and stay tuned for my aunt’s later this week!