Today was an ok day, I ate well and worked out so that’s all that matters, I still have a sick kiddo but she is one tough cookie!! Here is my day!!

TOTAL CALORIES: 800 I’m short 400 calories….I only felt hungry once during the day…but I still need to try and get to the 1200.

BREAKFAST: 395 Calories

Thomas’s Thin Bagel w/Sugar Free Jam.
1 Egg w/Egg Whites & Veggies
1/2 Cup of Skim Milk
1/2 Cup of Coffee
1 Cup of Tea

LUNCH: 165 Calories

2 Pieces of Country Kitchen Light Bread, w/1 Laughing Cow Cheese, Slice of Tomato, 3 Slices of Fat Free Ham.
1 Can of Diet Ginger Ale


DINNER: 420 Calories- Balsamic Chicken & Spring Veggies (Crock-It)

4 oz of Balsamic Chicken, 1 Cup of Mixed Veggies, 1 Cup of Smart Pasta
1 Cup of Skim Milk

WORKOUT: Burned 360 Calories-180 Calories Earned Back.
Elliptical 25 Min
Leg & Biceps 25 Min