Ok Folks……today is the Honey Glazed Ham!!! This one is sure to win my hubby’s love since it’s his favorite!! I’m serving it with Mashed Sweet Potato Brulee and Mixed Veggies! YUM!!! This is one my daughter will eat up and hopefully we’ll have some left lovers for sandwiches! I’m sure this one will smell up the house very nicely!! Stay tuned for reviews and pics and can’t wait to see what my aunt’s review of the Balsamic Chicken & Spring Veggies are since my hubby didn’t like it! LOL!


Well the Ham went in late because by the time I got to the grocery store and back it was almost 2pm! However I believe my ham is already done!! Didn’t take long so I advise people to keep an eye on their time, also make sure you buy one that will fit into your crock! Mine BARLEY fit LOL!!!…I had to do a little shoving in their but it fit, we are going to have some awesome left overs, I have to admit I cheated a bit because my hubby isn’t home yet and MM couldn’t wait to eat so I snuck out a few pieces of Ham for her and it’s delicous!!!!! YUM!!!! But I’ll try to wait as long as I can for the Hubs! Our day was per normal, we didn’t do much, she’s still on the low with a stuffy filled nose, gosh imagine having a cold and not being able to blow your nose! I hear her a bit wheezy in the chest I pray it doesn’t turn into anything major!!!! Going the Grocery store is a project and a half for us, well for me, we did a big run today, lots of meat, fruits and veggies to get us through this Crock Challenge so that means lots of trips from the truck to the 2nd floor condo where we live! I may have not made it to the gym today but between that and the free weights I did earlier I think I’m good for the day!

AND THE VERDICT IS IN!!! Check out the Dish for the review and pictures!! Honey-Glazed Ham.

Well tomorrow night this momma is having herself a night out to dinner with an old friend! However I won’t skip out on my Crock Pot Challenge, that and my hubby does need to eat, so I’m going to skip around a bit and make the All-In-One Porkchop Bake because that is a whole dish for him, all he has to do is take it out and eat……..he better not end up in the light of McDonald’s anyways or I’ll kill him!! Stay tuned for his review!! Then I’ll have it for lunch the next day! Tonight the Bruin’s are playing so I think I’ll attempt the Hash Brown Egg White Nests tomorrow morning for breakfast…….I hope!