TGIF fellow Crockpotters!

I feel like it’s been a real long week for some reason. I have to rush out the door in 30 minutes to meet my mom, we are going through my late grandmothers house before the house goes up for sale this weekend 😦 Not looking forward to it but it’s got to be done. So I won’t get to add my reviews for the All-In-One PorkChop Bake until later. Also stay tuned for my aunts review on the Honey-Glazed Ham in the Crock, she also made it with the Mashed Sweet Potato Brulee and Roasted Asparagus, Check out the pic! Looks awesome!!!! When I get back this afternoon I’ll be starting my very first Lasagna in the crock!! Stay tuned my friends!!





Well nothing but great reviews on the Honey Glazed Ham in the crock, even the Mashed Sweet Potato Brulee and Roasted Asparagus Dijon!! Thank you fam for trying my meals I’m so glad you liked them, it’s almost like that feeling you get when you cook a meal for your family and everyone loves it!! LOL…I get that feeling and I didn’t have to cook it! YAY! Also got an awesome review from my hubby on the All-In-One PorkChop Bake!! Check out my pics in the recipe section! And check back tomorrow for my Aunt’s review, I got a text that it was suberb so I have another good review coming! I was supposed to have it for lunch myself today but I ended up Christmas Shopping instead!! At least I got a good dent in it and it’s only Dec 2nd!!

But not I’m having a hard time picking my favorite during this challenge because we had the Lasagna tonight and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! OMG it smelled amazing, it looked amazing it tasted amazing! I had my doubts I couldn’t imagine a lasagna in the crock but once I put it together I saw that you really just serve it in bowls and it comes out in spoonfuls instead of pieces! Who cares it all goes to the same place right!

Well TGIF but not for me, hubby has to work tomorrow, I hope Maddie is well enough to attend her friends first birthday party, we really want to go! She is such a happy sick child LOL….she still plays and dances around, only their are boogers dripping down to her mouth my poor little sicky!! We made it to my grams to go through her stuff, I was able to take some pictures home of my dad when he was a tyke, my mom and dad’s wedding picture, and some pictures of me and my sis and cousins when we were youngins. It was sad, the house is empty, I didn’t get to go through her jewlrey, I just wanted something for my daughter, I was able to get her tea cup collection that I’d love to put in my home someday. It was just sad to me because she would have given anything to see Maddie toddling around her house 😦 Ughhh……so we went Christmas shopping to cheer us up!! It worked!! LOL!!! Now I’m getting ready to help my friend set up for her daughters birthday party tomorrow!! So I’d like to add some gluten free meals this weekend, that’s my goal, if anyone has any to share please do send them to me!!! Tomorrow’s Day 6 and a Greek Chicken & Vegetable Ragout Dish is on the menu so stay tuned!!