Happy Saturday all!!! Well for us it’s Friday!! 🙂 Can’t wait to actually spend tomorrow as a family! So…..I had awesome reviews on the All-In-One Pork Chop Bake!! My aunt & uncle both loved it, they said it was by far the best dish so far but then I told her to make the Lasagna!! LOL….My cousin is making that tonight so I can’t wait to hear her review! Tonight I’m making the Greek Chicken & Vegetable Ragout! YUM!!! I’m excited to try something different!

My boo boo is still sick, I know it’s the end, it’s just all coming out of her nose the poor thing, we have a birthday party to go to today, I hate to be that “mom” to get other kiddo’s sick but I think she’s past contagious and it’s one of her besties so I really want to go for a little while! So I do plan on adding more recipes later today, the B’s game is on tonight too so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to add more but for now I’ve added, Blackened Chicken & Mexican Style Beef, both are Gluten free meals and the beef one is a crock it dish!!! I can’t wait to try that one!!


Ok so I’m really bad. Bad Bad Bad mommy!!! After going to the birthday party and finally getting a minute to myself I decided I was tired and lazy and when I told my hubby this he came home and said let me shower real quick and we are going to the out back……Crockpot Challenge…..Out Back….hmmmm…..now this is where I say Crockpot Challenge all the way however I didn’t have to cook and I wasn’t trading that for the world! I was good I had a salad……and some blooming onion of course!!! LOL….Soooo I have no review for you tonight on the Greek Chicken & Vegetable Ragout, I’m going to do the Pot Roast tomorrow and the Greek Chicken on Monday!! However…………I did have the All-In-One Pork Chop Bake for lunch today, it was really good! For leftovers I was really impressed! The Pork Chop was so soft and tasty!! I’m so glad for leftovers!!

Ok for my punishment I added 3 more recipes, I know your thinking, only 2, but I do a lot of research on them as far as what sections they can be added to for me and the nutrititional value for them. The ones I added are Individual Salsa Meat Loaves, which is great because they are now in the beef section and the 28 Day challenge because they are on the healthy side! Turkey Breast Cutlets in a Port Wine Sauce which is in the Chicken section and the 28 Day Challenge section, and I also added a Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Pasta dish in the casserole section only because it sounds awesome!!!