Yup that’s my child with the budlight!! LOL…and then that’s daddy giving her a freeze pop cuz she still doesn’t feel good 😦 SoooooI had a night off from cooking Saturdaynight thanks to my wonderful husband, so I put the Pot Roast Dinner in asap so we can smell it ALL DAY long. Can’t wait to bite into that later!! Was pretty bummed that we had to cancel our photo shoot today for Maddie to have her pictures done, her cold just isn’t going away and neither is mine for that matter! LOL….We are hoping for a better week!!

So I’m getting myself prepared for the 28 Day Healthy Challenge, no one is interested in doing it with me? What if we only did 14 days public and the next 14 days can be on the down low? I’ve already lost 4 lbs by just cutting down my portions and not snacking!! Anyone?? Check out the meals under the Challenge they are just as good as any meal! Use www.everydayhealth.com for your calorie counter and wala, simple!

I’m working my “Quick and Easy” Section because I know alot of mommas or even my mother for example that gets home from work late some nights and doesn’t feel like cooking a big meal, this is the perfect section for those kinds of nights!! So stay tuned for pics and reviews of the Slow Cooker Pot Roast!!


Here is what I added today!! Maple-Glazed Chicken, Morning Muffins To Go (part of the 28 Day Health Challenge Breakfast selection), Chicken with Rustic Mustarnd Cream, and last but not least, Southwestern Chicken in the Crock. Check out the updates I added to theEasy Mealssection, and the Southwestern Chicken in the crock I’m making tomorrow night instead of the one I was supposed to make because I noticed while looking at the recipe that it took a few things to do at the end of the recipe and I won’t be home to do that, soooooo I’m leaving to go Christmas shopping with my mom and my hubby will have a nice Southwestern meal waiting for him at home!! So sorry for the change again but stay tuned for reviews. My cousin will give reviews on the Greek Chicken & Vegetable Rogout!!

I couldn’t smell the pot roast cooking all day I think it’s because I’m all stuffed up stiiiiiillllll but check out the verdit now!! On the Slow Cooker Pot Roast page.

Sorry for the late update, my hubby and I got to eat our Pot Roast in peace since Maddie went to bed early and it wasn’t ready until 6:30 so we started our movie then watched Dexter!! It was nice to lay low together. The Bruin’s are playing the next 2 nights so I had to suck it up!! I finally got a chance to try the Hashbrown Egg White Nests, they are too cute, I over cooked them a bit but other than that they are still super yummy and I was able to package some up for the week!!! Look!!!