Just another manic Monday!! Couldn’t go to the gym again today, Maddie still has green snoogers 😦 I’m hoping maybe come tomorrow I can sneak her in, you think I could ask her to not cough while she’s there! LOL….I feel like I’m starting all over again!!!!!

Anywho today is a relaxing day, getting the Southwestern Chicken in the crock for my hubby soon. He’s got a few hours to himself tonight (what to do what to do!) I’m meeting my mom for some Christmas shopping and dinner with Miss Maddie.

So I think I got someone to join the 28 Day Health Challenge!! I’d still love a few more to join us! I’ll cut it down to 14 Days with me and 14 Days on your own!! We’ll start Monday the 12th. I did post two new “Sweet Endings” to get us ready for that challenge! Skinny Rice Krispy Treats and Lemon Cheesecake Yogurt Cups. I also posted a Creamy Butternut Risotto I found that looks super simple and isn’t too high in Calories or fat, and I also posted a meal in the Soup Section and the “Kiddo Friendly” Section. Check it out! Meatballs and Spaghetti Soup.

My hubby’s dinner is brewing in the Crock, Maddie is napping and this momma is getting ready to go shopping and have dinner with her momma!! Stay tuned for the reviews!

A whole lot of money later at Babys R Us……The verdict is in!!!! My hubby loved it!! Said another 10 out of 10! Can’t wait to try some leftovers tomorrow!!