Day 9 it is!! Second to last day my friends, I’m so enjoying this, I swear I could cook in a crockpot every single night!! I’m dying to try tonights meal because I’ve been sick and soup sounds amazing at this point in time and also because I love cooking soup in a crock! So stay tuned for pics and reviews of Tortellini Tuscan Soup!

We are laying low again today, I think Maddie is getting over her cold (thank god) me on the other hand, ugh…..still coughing for 3 hours each morning. I’m telling the gym has a conspiracy against me, everytime I finally get the motivation to go back something happens (I sound like that commercial I know) It’s almost like the gym is trying to tell me “Don’t even bother, don’t waste your time Tammi!!” Still hoping someone will do the 28 Day Health Challenge with me! I’m also very excited to try something called “The 12 Dinners of Christmas” Between now and Christmas I’ll be posting 12 new meals that are to die for by none other than famous chefs or restaurants, I can gaurentee you some will be from one of my favorites, Chef Nicole, you know her handy work if you’ve eaten at T-Bones or Cactus Jacks!! So Check it out and follow me through that!


THE VERDICT IS IN!! CHECK IT OUT ON THE Tortellini Tuscan Stew page!! I didn’t get to try the soup afterall…….Funny story actually. My mother-in-law was babysitting for us last night so my hubby and I could go to a Dr’s appt, well she said “Are you guys going to dinner after?” we often do that, I said “Nope I have dinner in the crock going help yoursrelf!” Then my hubby said “I’d like to take my wife out if she is ok with that.” Hey who am I to say no!!!!! So we went to Ruby Tuesdays with our coupon and then walked the mall, he even treated me to a few new Christmas candles from Yankee!!! I am a lucky woman! It was nice to just walk around and talk, everyday stuff gets in the way, our main focus is taking care of our baby girl……we often forget about each other, but my husband and I have always since the day she was born made time for each other and I think that is the reason why as a couple, as new parents we are still so connect and more in love today than we were yesterday.