So…..I have to post pone the 10-Day Crock Pot Challege by one day because It’s just one of those days that this momma has to quit! Went to the doctors for this cough that is just wearing me down for the 3rd week and sure enough it’s Bronchitis, so I got my drugs, tea, home made soup, cheesy movies, I think I’m good!

I had the Tortellini Tuscan Soup for lunch! It was soooooooooo good, It was a huge bowl and I wanted more! But I’m having it again for dinner because it did help clear the sinuses! I highly recommend this dish, I love vegetables and knowing it’s full of them makes me feel healthy!

So I’m very sorry that I have to prolong the challenge one more day!! Don’t forget to check out the 12 Dinners of Christmas too! I plan on starting the first one from Chef Nicole on Sunday so check it out!

So…….part of this blog is also supposed to be about becoming a first time mom and honestly I’ve been trying so hard to get the recipes up and running that I’ve forgotten to blog about more personal stuff. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s just that I’ve enjoyed the recipe side of it so much that I’ve fogotten!! So for now I’m going to keep them together, it’s nice to keep each post about food and then make it a little person too, if I see the need I’ll seperate the two later on as I get my name out their a little more, I’m still working on that side!! So I’ve gotten in touch with some great bloggers that have really made it a part of their life, alot of them through a support group of PPD (Post Partum Depression) Coming from mothers that have suffered from it.  I’d like to talk more about that so I’ll do that seperatly……I truly believe that everyone’s journey to motherhood should be told, I know each story must be beautiful, amazing, incredible and just plain wonderful. So stay stay tuned…..get your stories ready, come the new year I’m going to have a featured momma tell her story and post it each week!! 🙂 Anyone interested please email me to talk details!

Ok this momma is going to lay down!