We’ve reached the end guys!!!! FINALLY!!! Sorry for the hold up. Today the Sweet and Sour Keilbasa is going in the Crock!! It sounds like a yummy dish, I’m going to serve it over rice and 15 min before it’s done I’m going to add in some mixed veggies to make it a complete meal!

I’m getting excited to start the 28 Day Health Challenge on Monday, do I have any takers yet? Please remember this isn’t a competition or a strict diet, it’s really just to offer healthy meals, and to get you going into a routine of working out and eating healthy again, but with some support from me!! I know I need it! I went back to the gym 2 weeks ago, did great, was sore for 2 weeks straight, then I got sick, then Maddie got sick, then I really never got better!!! So I need to start AGAIN!! What’s your weakness? I have a few, don’t we all, well mine is now that I’m home and not at work, and it’s getting colder, I snack a lot. I never did that when I worked, and during the summer I’d be active before I’d snack. So my solution to that is, don’t have snacks in the house, there are days when I walk around the kitchen and go from the cabinets to the fridge and back to the cabinets again looking for a snack…….luckily most of the time I end up having nothing because their isn’t much to have, my husband hates it LOL but he promised to do this challenge with me so we shall see, his weakness is candy!!! LOL! AND my second weakness is making up excuses to not go to the gym! LOL, I’m the kind of person that works off of habit, a schedule (hence why motherhood was so tough for me at first LOL!) What’s the saying it takes like 21 days for something to become a routine……well this should do it for me, then I’m pretty good, then of course once I start feeling better, or seeing results then I keep going. So to me this really isn’t about loosing weight, it’s more about making the commitment to try!!! Have to try right!!

Maddie and I are laying low today, I’m still sick and not even 24 hours into my antibiotic. Resting is SOOO hard for me, I hate asking my husband to run to the store and get cat food and TP because we can’t go another day without getting it and I have all I can do to take care of my 13 mth old and have dinner ready by 5! But he’s a good guy and I don’t EVER ask for those kinds of things. Hopefully I start to feel better tomorrow so I can buy food for the weekend, who hates going to Hannaford’s during the weeknds?? I DO!! When I worked full-time I went after work or after dinner before I’d go on a weekend! Of course when I don’t feel well my daughter wants to get into EVERYTHING, how can I get mad when I, with as much stregnth as I have, roll myself off of the couch, round the corner and find her sitting on the diswasher door playing with the spoons….I’m pretty good about making sure she can’t reach the knives, but it’s too darn cute to get mad at her, or when I run to the bathroom to blow my nose and as I pass my bedroom I see all of my books and such on the floor with her sitting between them ripping the flaps off of them. She just turned one less than 6 weeks ago, do you know how many toys she got??? Why not play with them right in front of me where I can see her!! Or why not cuddle with me while I’m on the couch?? Noooope, mom is sick!!!! Let’s have a party!!!! Come on mom don’t you want to run a marathon with me!!!!!! 🙂 Gutta love her.

Soooooooo stay tuned later for pictures and reviews of our last day of this challenge! Don’t forget to look into the 28 Day Health Challenge starting Monday, the 12 Dinners of Christmas featuring some awesome recipes from some great chefs!! ANNNNND…..our plan for the Journey of Motherhood come the new year!! New and exciting things for this momma!!! Off to the couch I go!


Soooooooo my hubby was good enough to stop at Target to get the things we NEEDED today, like Kitty food and TP LOL….so when he walked through the door 20 min from dinner being ready and his brother called to see if he wanted to go get a quick bite and a few drinks, he said he couldn’t because I was sick, I said “please go hunny”. He said “really??” I said “Yes he never asks and you never go out” So off he went, Maddie and played and built legos, read Goodnight Moon, and I tucked her in.

However, I did have the Sweet & Sour Keilbasa over Jasmine Rice and it was AWESOME! Had a bit of a bite but was sweet, I thought it was awesome! Click for the full review!!

So I was looking for something tonight and I was going through a desk draw and I all of a sudden I found all of my recipes! Recipes that I printed off line, Weight watcher recipes and & other people’s recipes! Then I saw my grandmother’s writing and I wanted to cry……it was on a large index card, it was her Mem’s Brocolli Casserole, (I’m posting it in the Amazing Sides section) that I always wanted to try, I always said I’d get around to it and never did!! Over the weekend my mom dropped off a bunch of baking stuff from my grandmother and one of the dishes consisted of her casserole dish that she always brough the Broccoli Casserole in for family occasions!! Now I have both pieces, it’s bittersweet because I’m so happy but so sad at the same time.

Tomorrow this momma is headed out to get a few drinky poo’s with some old co-workers so I won’t be cooking, plus we have A LOT of leftovers, but I’ll be around……Posting some of these oldy recipes I just found!!!