Hey guys!

Another weekend, another Saturday! Busy Busy around this time of year! Last night I needed to get out sooooooooo bad being cooped up all week being sick with my boo so I did go out and meet my old co-workers for some apps and drinks, yeah we ended up pretty much closing the place! LOL….such good times! I miss those girls, but I DO NOT miss work! I love my life dammit! I realized how much I miss socializing with people but then I think of my boo and I realilze just what I’m a part of and getting together with friends every now and again is enough for me!!

Sooo tomorrow we are headed to friends house for the football game, we are looking forward to it since we don’t get to see them much and our kiddo’s will play together, they are a good 2 years apart but I know they still play good together! I’m making the Spicy Mustard & Keilbasa and the Strawberry Pineapple Chicken Bites for the game!

We had a busy day, I got to sleep in this morning since my hubby rocks, so I slept until 9 and then I had breakfast waiting for me, my hubby was kidnapped!!! He had the bed made before I tumbled out of it, he even vaccumed people!!! WOW…not sure where my husband when but I miss him!! LOL…then we headed to the mall to see Santa, me, my hubby and my sis. The line rapped around the place like 3 times, so we ended up just going to our photo shoot and had Maddie’s pics done! It was so much fun, making her smile and look at us!! The girl got some great shots but no peaks since they did our Christmas cards for us!!! 🙂

Tomorrow night I’m supposed to start the first night of the 12 Dinners of Christmas with Chef Nicole but after snacking all day and getting home come late afternoon I don’t think I’ll be cooking (specially with a house full of leftovers!) so I’ll be doing Chef Nicoles Mud’Stard Crust Pork Chops Monday night, my first day of the 28 Day Health Challenge!! I’m scared but excited to start this challenge, MM and I are headed back to the gym Monday morning and hopefully Maddie will be happy to see Miss Joanne again! But I’m excited….I need to shed these last 15-20 lbs. I wish someone would do it with me!!!

Soooooooo till tomorrow my friends!! I have some great recipes that have been emailed to me from all.recipes.com I can’t wait to share with you, plus the menu for the week! So stay tuned!!