Happy Sunday everyone!! No this momma is not a football fan, though I love the good food, good company and drinking part of it I suppose!! It’s funny because when I first met my hubby the only sports he was into was Baseball and most importantly Hockey. Now all of a sudden it’s Football too, thank god it’s not basketball I would probably have to leave him! (J/K) 🙂 However today we head to our friends house to watch the game, more so our kiddo’s can play and I can gossip with my girlfriend, though she’s a football fan so I wonder how that will work……hmmm…..

For todays festivities I made Strawberry Pineapple Chicken Bites, doesn’t sound very appealing however I just sampled some and they are yummy!! I think it’s the perfect dish to bring to a party. I also made Sweet & Sour Keilbasa, now I already made this dish as dinner, I loved the sauce so much that I just made it as an appetizer today! It’s a Crock It dish so it’s cooking now but I love the kick it has!! This recipe now can be for dinner or an appetizer! I love multi-purpose recipes!!

I’m getting ready to turn gears into the 28-Day Healthy Challenge I’m running, I’m so ready! I can’t wait to get back to the gym after being sick for 2 weeks with my boo so bring it on!!! I was reading my Oxygen magazing, their was an article on how to loose 10 lbs in 28 days, and believe it or not the meal plan was set up on a 1600 calorie diet, pact with protein,  this is was where I get confused, high fiber, high protein what’s right and what is wrong?? I think I still have some investigation to work on, I’m thinking the high protein must be for gym goers, I also thought of post poning this challenge until the first of the year to see if I could get anymore takers to give it a try with me, we don’t have to stick to a “guideline” but maybe just talk with each other and motivate motivate motivate!!! Would anyone be willing to do that with me if we started in Jan? The lunches, dinners, snacks and sweets are all healthy I still plan on using alot of them…..I’m going to work on some high protein ones too.

Stayed tuned for the line up tomorrow on what’s to come for the week!