Ok well lots of plans and this momma sold herself short LOL! I’ve always been that way though, I cram too much into one day! Then I only set myself up for disappointment when I don’t get them done so here is what’s in the works for this momma!!

First off, the 12 Dinners of Christmas is still happening. Featuring a new recipe by famous chefs all over the world, the first one was supposed to happen last night however we were out for the football game and dinner didn’t happen, then I just thought I’d do it tonight but didn’t read the recipe again until 3pm and realized that I have to let the pork marinate, plus I had forgotten to buy the Apricot Jam it calls for sooooooooooo…..needless to say Chef Nicole’s (from T-Bones) Mud’stard Crusted Pork Chops are not going to be cooked here tonight 😦 However they will be cooked next week and I’ll find a chicken or beef recipe for this week so stay tuned!! My goal is to do 12 by Christmas time, if not we’ll go into the new year seeing as their is only 2 weeks left before Christmas!!! AHHH!!!

Second up, the 28 Day Healthy Challenge, I still want to do this, as I said yesterday I still ponder exactly how many calories I’m supposed to be consuming each day, I have a subscription to Oxygen magazine, I love it, lots of great fitness tips and even some great recipes. I thought if I started this challenge in Jan instead of now maybe I’d have more takers!!! COME ON!!!! I want to shed these 20 lbs for the summer!! (Yes I’m already thinking of summer, aren’t you??) You don’t have to post everything you eat or do, I know alot of people are private about that stuff and that’s cool, I think just talking to each other, asking some questions, maybe push each other a bit may just be the motivation we all need to loose that last 20 lbs I know I’d like to loose!!!! So think about it some more, I’m keeping all the menu’s up because I’m going to be trying them little by little myself, I can’t wait try the Spagehetti Squash and Sausage Casserole because I’m dying to get my husband to like it Spagehetti Squash some how!!

And lastly the one I feel most pasionate about is The Journey of Motherhood, I want to hear some stories!! Each week I want to feature a mom and tell her story. Written by her of course but I’ll feature her for the week, with whatever she’d like said about her. I think it would be fun and refreshing to hear people’s story so start sending them over mommas!!! Check out my story as well.

So now this momma can finish her Christmas tasks!!! Tonight we had the Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops however I topped it with this home made relish Andy’s aunt makes, it was TO DIE FOR, I’m definetly going to try and make that some day!!

Off to stuff Christmas cards and wrap gifts my friends!! Get those stories over to me so I can start lining up some mommas!!