So tonight we are going to our friends house for some holiday drinks, snacks and laughs, of course a yankee swap too! Should be a fun time!

My friend is making these special Mudslides that are known at a local restaurant in town that are to DIE FOR!!

Busy Busy!! Tomorrow my hubby’s sister is coming over for dinner. I’m going to cook a Skinny Chicken Marsala, I’ve never made it before so I found this easy recipe from Woman’s seems doable for this momma! Then I’m going to do the Baked Steak & Onions in the Crock and make my first batch of a Risotto. I’m going to do the Basic Risotto and add a little shaved Zucchini I think!! Stay tuned for reviews!!

I’ve got one mom on board for “The Journey to Motherhood” anyone else giving it a thought? Maybe? Possibly??