We had a lazy day today, just because we could!! I seriously have to thank my husband for that because he is the contributor to this family, because of him I’ve had 14 amazing months home with my daughter. I’ve watched her face the world, I’ve seen all of her first accomplishments, I’ve witnessed her learn just what she’s capable of. I’m so very thankful for that, and when I have days like I had today, she got up earlier than normal so this momma was super tired, I actually let her lay in bed with me for a bit, she’s NEVER slept in bed with me (only once that’s how sick she was) it’s not because I won’t let her, every kid deserves that once in a while and every parent should get that cuddle time, however she doesn’t because she just chooses not to. She’s not a cuddely girl, her daddy says she’s like her mommy, very independent, which is funny because I wasn’t my whole life, but in the past 8 years I’ve become very independent. She cuddles when she’s tired or sick. Finally after awhile we crashed on the couch and she actually cuddled with me, how could I not LOVE this day!! We did NOTHING!! I picked up the house, made the bed, put away laundry and showered, and I’m darn proud of it, every now and again we just need those days. Tomorrow we have a play date and Friday we are finishing our Christmas shopping!!! So….why not sit back and enjoy some of it!

I’m cooking the Skinny Chicken Marsala tomorrow night, I can’t wait to try it, I’m going to make it a tad bit different so stay tuned on how it turns out! I also added two other recipes today. A Curried Mango Chicken and a Apple Cranberry Crumble that looks awesome!!

Also Friday night I’m cooking a Pork Tenderloin in my crock pot from Chef Robin Miller. It’s called Slow Cooker Parmesan-Sage Pork Loin. Her show is called “Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller” It’s featured on the Food Network, this is one of our dinners featured in our “12 Dinners of Christmas” so be sure to check it out! I haven’t tried Chef Nicole’s Mud’stard Crust Pork Chops yet but it’s only because I have a tenderloin already defrosted so I still plan on trying that recipe from Chef Nicole!

Happy Hump Day friends! Off to finish those pesky Christmas Cards!!