Here is my friends Christmas tree, Maddie’s new friend Reese and today checking out “Nuttin but Good Times” in Merrimack!! 

Notice how I said “seem” not “look” sure doesn’t look like Christmas! Not that I’m complaining about having no snow (I’ll never complain about that) today was actually the first day that I felt “cold” while sitting in a tank top at home! I swear I have hot flashes like a woman going through metapause these days! Anywho, it’s beginning to “seem” a lot like Christmas because I love the commercials, decorations, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, I got 4 Christmas cards today in the mail! I LOVE IT!! And tonight my hubby very much obligued to watching cheesy Christmas movies (in reality he’ll be on the laptop and I’ll be watching the movies!) I should start wrapping gifts since I’m 99% done my shopping!!! Maddie and met Jack and his momma at Nutin But Good Times in Merrimack, real cute place, Maddie even shared her grilled cheese LOL…..awh it’s love!! Great place for kiddo’s! Then we were off to Targeeeee’ to finish our Christmas shopping! Then MM proceeded to nap for 2.5 hours and daddy had to wake her for dinner!!! I hope I have my sleeping child back! One more quick stop tomorrow and this momma is done her shopping!!

So I tried the Skinny Chicken Marsala tonight, I’m not a big fan of cooking chicken on the stove top, I like baking it much better, but I wanted to give it a shot since I recently came to like mushrooms! It came out ok, however I almost burnt my kitchen down in the process, I guess our oven vent stinks and the place was filled up in smoke in seconds LOL!! It wasn’t the best I’ve had, but we both finished it! Way too messy to take a picture but there is my review!

Today I added two more “12 Dinner’s of Christmas” recipes! One from Chef Robin Miller on Food Network like promised, that one is a Slow Cooker Parmesan Sage Pork Tenderloin, I’m making that tomorrow night. I also added one that I’m going to try over the weekend from the Culinary Institute of Tuscany (AKA Olive Garden!!!) It’s called Pasta Florentine. Then while I was searching around Olive Garden’s recipes I found another I just posted under the Chicken section because I want to try that one soon. It’s called Chicken Involtini. Check em out!! I’m off to watch cheesy Christmas music and cuddle with my boo before she heads off to bed!!

Here are some pictures from Maddie’s first Christmas party at our friends house! Good times!!

Maddie & Brady       Maddie’s new friend Reese      My friend making her awesome mudslides