Totally done our Christmas shopping! DONE DONE DONE!!!! I was reminded today why I try so hard to finish at least the week before Christmas if not sooner. Babysrus/toysrus was completely packed, we couldn’t find the chair we wanted for Maddie so we are still in search for that!! If I know me and my mom we will find it!! We had lunch first at our favorite restaurant with our favorite waitresses, they all love Maddie, my hubby and I were regulars their before her, and even through my pregnancy we sat at the bar and chatted with them, they are such nice girls. So they love seeing Maddie. Then we were off to Hobby Lobby, it’s like a kid walking into a toy store for me!!! I could spend hours in their, but my hubby wouldn’t like that. Anyways, on the way home it took us 4 sets of lights at the mall area to get onto the highway! I for one, am very thankful I won’t be making that trip again until after the holidays!! Now I can stay home, make some gifts from the babe and wrap everything!!

Ok I made a few additions today, I’m surly in the holiday spirit so be sure to check out the one I added called Crescent Christmas Tree, I posted that under the Appetizer section and the Holiday Additions! Along with a dip I found that I’d like to try, Southwestern Dip. Then I was thinking sweet tooths right…….I’m going to try these because they seems super easy, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars!! YUM! Wish I had some right now!

Our plan for tonight (which I’m patiently waiting for) is once MM goes to bed we rented a movie and my hubby promised me a lil bubbely! YAY!! Now for our review of the Slow Cooker Parmesan Sage Pork Tenderloin from Chef Robin Miller at the Food Network…………YUM!! It’s a very easy recipe, The whole meal was in the crock, I put it all in at noon, it was ready by 5 while we were out all day and the taste was just “different” I was so looking for some different and I found it! My hubby’s review was that it was a 9 out of 10 so that means I’ll be making it again! Most of the time all recipes I try for Pork Tenderloin (oven cooked or crock pot) taste close to the same, this was different. My husband said “Hey their is no pork left over) I have to remember to buy 2lbs and not just one (I cut the recipe in half because I only had 1 lb.) Oh btw, Maddie didn’t like it, not sure if it was the texture or what but at first I thought I saw her shoveling the pork, the next thing I knew she was throwing everything on the floor, so I took  her out of her high chair and now it is 20 min after dinner, my hubby is snacking on blueberries and she is screaming because she can’t get to them fast enough, you think she’s hungry?? Ok this momma is going to spend some QT with the hubs!! Snuggle time!!!