Just when I thought it was done! UGH….my husband decided to tell me yesterday that he went above the $20 limit we had set for ourselves, we talked a few wks ago about not buying for each other at all and just making it all about MM since she is the reason behind our smiles this holiday season. I told him I had already bought him something for $15 so he said ok a $20 limit I’ll just get you something for under $20 I said ok and make sure you stick to it!!!! Well he didn’t, but at least he told me so Maddie and I went and had lunch with Aunty Shelby at our favorite place and then we took off for a bit more shopping, we even went into Marshall’s, god it’s been forever since I’ve been in their! I forgot how much I liked that place! Passing down the isles I realized that we didn’t get much for my grandmother and his grandfather so I picked something up for them, then I saw something for his mother that I just “couldn’t” not buy……UGH…..it’s ENDLESS! Anyways we made it out alive and I’m not going out again, I’ll have my hubby get the ribbon or bows we need just so I don’t venture back out into that maddness!

Tonight my MIL came over for dinner, I made what my hubby requested. I just take chicken cutlets (Or boneless Pork Chops) which tonight I did both since I had both defrosted, I roll it in bread crumbs a few times, bake it at 350 Degrees for 25 min, put a bit more crumbs on top then add a scoop of his aunts sweet relish and cook for 5 more min!!! I’m getting that recipe soon because it’s AMAZING!!!! I served it with something I made up and since the 3 of us liked it SO much I have to share it with you, I’m calling it Zucchini Parmesan Risotto. I love cooking a great meal that everyone loves. I also posted a recipe from Food Network for a Healthy Minestrone Soup. I’m going to make this Thursday and bring to my MIL on Friday when I go and visit since it’s her favorite soup and she’s going to be laid up for a bit.

Going to be a busy week for this momma!! Tomorrow my mom and grandmother want to see the babe so we are meeting halfway in Nashua and going to dinner and one more trip to Babys R Us!!! I’ll be foodshopping Wed or Thurs for the holiday weekend! FUN FUN….no really it is to me, one because I’m so darn lucky to be able to be home with my boo, this is honestly the first holiday season that I’ve actually LOVED since my dad has been gone. I remember being so happy for Christmas of 2009, it was the year we were engaged and we were planning our wedding, I was so happy, but this, this feeling out do’s them all my friends!!!! Happy Monday!!!